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Get some best Sms collection of Independence Day in Bangladesh 2014 here: Over the world we love our own country. The national independence day of Bangladesh is 26th March. On this day different section of  Bangladeshi peoples goes to National Memorial monument to express their respect for the martyrs. 26 March 2014 is national holiday of Bangladesh. Nation celebrate this day in a jubilant mood. Independence day bears the strength of mind to success our Nation. It is related with our existence. Here I am posting Happy Independence day 2014 Bangladesh sms, Independence day of Bangladesh 26 March 2014 text, Bangladesh Independence Day 2014 latest sms, Independence day in Bangladesh 2014 facebook status, Independence day Bangladesh 2014-2015 message, Independence Day Celebration greetings, 26 March 2014 sms in English, Independence day 2014 Bangladesh sms for mobile, Independence day in Bangladesh quotes.  

1.  I am proud to be a Bangladeshi,
    Where at least I know I am free 
     And won't forget the men who died,
    Who gave that right to me
     Protect our country people
     Stand up against the haters of Bangladesh!
     Proud as I ever could be a Bangladeshi!!
     Happy Independence day.. Long live Bangladesh..

2.  We should take the pledge that 
     Till our last breath we will fight terrorism,
     We will protect our country with all we have.
     Happy Independence day 2014!

3. This is the day our nation sings
    This is the day when the world is together
    To celebrate this glorious day
    This is the Day
     We salute our national Flag!
      Happy Independence day.

4.  Liberty is the breath of life to nations,
     Wish you a very Happy Independence day Bangladesh!

5. Freedom was taken by the blood, that was given.
    Happy Independence day to all of my Bangladeshi friends!

6.  Freedom in the mind
     Faith in the words
     Pride in our souls
     Let's salute the nation .. Our Independence day..

7.  Other might have forgotten
     But never can I
     The flag of my Bangladesh
     Furls very high
     Happy Liberty day!

8. Take a stand against evil, corruption and terrorism
     For we belong to Bangladesh, a nation of pride
     And we will thus say-
    Muslim-Hindu-Christian-Buddhist.. We all are similar!
    Happy sovereignty day of Bangladesh 2014.     

9. Thousands laid down their lives so,
    That our country is breathing this day
    Never forget their sacrifice... 
    Wishes for Independence day.

10.  Without moral and intellectual independence,
       There is no anchor for national Independence.

11. Loved Bangladeshis
      Let us celebrate and the enjoy to freedom to live
     Independently in our country cheerfully
    Helpfully, hopefully, peacefully by remembering
    Our national Heroes who gave us freedom after suffering 
    pain and humiliation. 
    Greetings for Independence day of Bangladesh.

12. "Freedom has its life in the hearts the action, 
      The spirit of the man and so it must be
      daily earned and refreshed
      Else like a flower cuts from its life giving roots
       it will be wither and "

13. Let's value our freedom by not forgetting
      The sacrifices of the martyrs.
      It's time for us to unite and fight corruption
     And bringing in reforms by starting a revolution !
     Let us pray and fight to make every subsequent 26 March 
     A Happy Independence Day!
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