Tips for post blank comment or Blank Facebook status

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Simple way to share blank status or comment to your facebook friend! Over the world Facebook stands on a most trendy place on social network site. Sometimes many facebook user want to do different things on facebook. Sometimes facebook users doesn't find the word to express. Sometimes facebook user like to show their creativity. When you log on facebook you'll see status box showed "What's on your mind?". But you didn't find any new status to update. Either you feel you want to show Blank status on your facebook. What to do? Or you want to post a blank comment on your facebook friends status. Do you know the way? Many user log on facebook via 3G mobile, some use on laptop, some are desktop or any digital device which can support Internet. Here I am giving you the tips for  Post a Blank Status on Facebook, Tricks for post a Blank comment on facebook. Just Two simple way I''ll show you. Just see the image Below and learn the simple instruction.

If you don't write anything and click the post option you'll see the above image. Don't worry. I'll give you two way. You may chose one of them. Just sign in your facebook account. Go to status update box.

1. Press hold on Alt and type 0173 ( Alt0173)
2. Just write @[0:0: ]

@[0:0: ]
@[0:0: ]

If you want to send a blank comment on any facebook status or image Just follow the same tips.

Hope you''ll get the information that how to give a blank status on facebook or how to send a empty comment on facebook? To get more awesome tips of social networking site keep visiting our site.


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