Taj Mahal Tour Info And New Photos 2014

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Taj mahal is a greatest sight scene in India. Taj mahal is a symbol of passionate love, it's magnificent monument. If you travel in India Taj mahal would be your first choice. Taj mahal situated in Agra, it's 200 Km far away from new Delhi. You may choose air, train, rail or any local transport to go Agra. Just check out these Taj mahal tour Info and New Photos collection for your destination. Wish you are in right place to fulfill your requirement. I allotment some latest photos about Taj Mahal, Beautiful Taj mahal picture 2014, Taj mahal tourist lace info, Taj mahal in Agra info and photos, Taj Mahal tour guide, Taj mahal Ancient architectural design image for your collection.

 The holiday of Taj mahal is Friday. If you want to know which season is better to go Taj mahal? We appreciate to go on winter time. Because in summer time it's too hot in Agra. So. your desire time would be, October to December or March to April. The enormous beauty of Taj mahal building attracts to all visitors. Yamuna river also a tourist attraction.

  As it is symbol of Mughal Samrat Shahjahan passionate feelings for his beloved wife Mumtaz, so you may Plan about Honeymoon tour in Agra. Taj mahal is wonder place for photography but be careful about the rules of taking photos in Tajmahal. Because it is highly recommended that you are not permitted to take snaps in tomb area. If you don't have any personal camera you'll find there professional photographers with a short pays. The Tajmahal entrance fair is 50 rupee for Indian, 750 rupee for Foreigner. If you want to carry handy cam you should pay 20 rupee extra. You may also search a travel guide to visit in Agra.

 In Agra you''ll get many cheap rate hotel for accommodation. If you are looking for two star hotel in Agra within 1000 rupees you may select Amar Yatri Niwas, Elora Guest house, Har kishan Villa, Hotel Alpine Inn and many more. If your budget is up-to 1000 rupees to 2000 rupees you may choose three star Hotel crimson Palace, Grand Hotel Agra, Hotel Atithi and many more. If you are looking for 5 Star Hotel in Agra which in 2000 rupees up-to 5,000 you may choose ITC Mughal Agra, Mansingh Palace Agra, The Taj Gateway Hotel and many more. So enjoy your leisure period.

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