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Photographs speaks Louder than words. A photographer can make a story with photo. A photo-story is a more powerful than article or speech. Many people like to capture wonderful moment which they have seen. Some says photography is their passion. Now in the camera market you may find High quality DSLR camera as per as your requirement. Many people like to keep record of their memories with the help of  camera mobile. Young guys are using windows mobile for different purpose, photo-shoot and creative photo editing is one of them. But if you really want to take a basic photography course in Dhaka, want to know learning procedure about photography Diploma course in Dhaka, Professional course on Photography in Dhaka, Freelance photography course in Dhaka info or if you want to know how to involve photo journalism course please follow this post. We are recommended to do foundation course for photography by this best photography course center in Dhaka. Here I'll show you the direct link about photography course in Dhaka. With this I am sharing some photos about mobile photography on nature. To take more advance see these link otherwise enjoy these photo, capture by camera mobile. 
Wish you are in right place to fulfill your requirement. We like to thank the original photographer. That’s why we like to mentioned photo courtesy name " Sadiya Zannat Oishe ".

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